Please be a part of Team Troy!

In the past 10 years, a variety of factors have put Auburn High School into a situation where we have to make up for funds that had previously been generated through ASB Cards, gate admission, parking passes, vending machines and individual team fund-raisers.  AHS has undergone drastic changes in our population, and while these changes make us a more inclusive, diverse, and AWESOME community, the outcome financially has created a situation where we have to make up the difference. ASB Cards cost $45 at all 3 high schools, but with the highest free/reduced levels in the area, our ASB income drops to $10 per student, with no avenue to make up that deficit.  With the change in our socioeconomic status, families struggle to afford attending games and activities, as well as every aspect of fund-raising, from buying concessions to selling products through a team, the resources and opportunities for our students are simply not available.


We  start with an average of $30,000 LESS income, and yet provide all of the same events, sports, activities, and opportunities for our students as other schools. With less money to support a population of students who actually need more support, we find ourselves here, reaching out to those of you who also value what belonging to a team or club can do for a student, and have a willingness to help us remove those barriers.

Thank You to our  Donors!

Platinum Donors $5,000+

Gold Donors $2500

Green Donors $1000

White Donors $500

Friends of Troy up to $500

Our Message

We need help from our alumni and the incredible Auburn Community to continue to offer the quality programs our students deserve and that represent the strong tradition of excellence we have always had at Auburn High. 

Our Goal


How does my money get spent?

ASB Funds are required to run every aspect of our sports and activities, as we receive no other funds for this purpose.

ATHLETICS: Equipment, both for our facility and individual athletes, supplies, uniforms, coaches training/workshops, officials fees (averages $40,000+ per year), banquets, travel expenses like meals and transportation for post-season competition or invitationals. 

ACTIVITIES: All supplies necessary for school wide activities like dances, pep assemblies, spirit weeks, student recognition, leadership camp and training, student enrichment activities like the Multicultural Fair, Veteran's Day and Martin Luther King assemblies, school and campus beautification (gym floor and wall murals, banners, flags, etc). 

AHS Green and Gold Booster Club is a 501(c) 3 and donations made through this page are tax deductible.